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We are proud to present our most comprehensive
brochure of memorials in both granite and stone.
Because of its enduring proper ties, granite retains its beauty with minimal weathering or deterioration
and the very high polish is suitable for both sandblast and hand etched ornamentation.
Granite, as with all natural materials varies slightly in colour, shade and grain structure from
piece to piece, making it truly unique to you.We also offer a beautiful collection of more
traditional stone and marble memorials.
Within this brochure you will find a whole range of memorials. It is impor tant to
remember that any shape or design can be manufactured in any material
and that all ornaments and designs are interchangeable.
We are happy to advise you with your choice of memorial and inscription.
As memorial masons, we have access to a large team of designers and ar tists
who can design any memorial not shown within this brochure.
Layouts and proofs of inscriptions will always be available.